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District Secretary
Troy Fair

Senior Pastor Troy Fair has a tremendous vision and calling for Calvary Evangelism Center and Sacramento. From a young age God called Senior Pastor Fair to pastor. He came to Sacramento and Calvary in 1988 to serve as youth pastor and high school teacher at Calvary Christian School. That same year he married Jennifer, and today they have four children- JT, Kati, Timothy, and Trevor. JT married Brittany in 2014.

He served in many areas of ministry throughout the years including Principal, Superintendent of Schools, Children’s Ministries, Small Groups, and many more. He concurrently served as senior pastor in Woodland, California from 1994-2003. Pastor Fair became senior pastor of Calvary Evangelism Center in 2003.

Senior Pastor Fair has also served in ministry in the United Pentecostal Church Western District as Sectional Youth Director, Christian Education Director, and as Sectional Presbyter. He currently serves on the United Pentecostal Church International's North American Missions Board.


Section One

Presbyter: Jesse Pinheiro
Phone: (805) 878-4142
Email: revjessepinheiro@gmail.com


Section Two

Presbyter: Gaylen Cantrell
Phone: (559) 707-4107
Email: gaylencantrell@gmail.com


Section Three

Presbyter: Gary Sones
Phone: (559) 575-6444
Email: gsones100@gmail.com


Section Four

Presbyter: Eli Lopez
Phone: (209) 478-6515
Email: elopez@clcm.net


Section Five

Presbyter: Richard Grandquist
Phone: (650) 224-1814
Email: richardgrandquist@aol.com


Section Six

Presbyter: Tim Bledsoe
Phone: (530) 370-2136
Email: timothybledsoe@gmail.com


Section Seven

Presbyter: Timothy Flowers
Phone: (775) 224-5312
Email: osagebowman@gmail.com


Section Eight

Presbyter: John Thomas
Phone: (530) 635-0407
Email: jthomas@succeed.net


Section Nine

Presbyter: John McDonald
Phone: (707) 443-9447
Email: jandmmcdonald@aol.com

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Honorary Presbyter